Monument to Babur

  • Monument to Babur

    Monument to Babur in the city of Andijan, bronze

As a young Soviet sculptor Rashit created the first monument to Babur in Andijan. The great ruler, poet and founder of the Mughal dynasty in India, Babur (1483-1531) was born in Andijan. Yet, the Soviet authorities would not allow Uzbek people to celebrate their great ancestor’s 500th anniversary.

Permission to erect the monument was denied, despite its immense historical significance. So the 4m high bronze sculpture was locked away in storage.

In 1991 after the collapse of the USSR, the local authorities decided it was time to put the statue on show. In 2008 it was installed permanently in the newly built park.

In 2008 Rashit was also given a special Babur Foundation Award.